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Glassware draws attentions in the interior field as its fireproof, dimensional stability, and light transmittance characteristics. Demands for glassware have been developed in various forms in a wide range of industrial scenes.

(Our company deals with several types of products as a distributor of Nittobo.)

Lighting cover (Light shade)

Ceiling lamp cover system is made from composite materials of glass cloth foundation and fluoroplastics.
It is excellent in terms of nonflammability, dimension stability, light transmittance, and diffusivity.
It allows natural light through to rooms to create soft atmosphere.

Decorative wall system

EG wall are wallpaper materials developed by the weaving technology of glass cloth by Nittobo (acquired a certification on non-combustible plaster board).
Simple and sophisticated design creates gentle and relaxed atmosphere.

Roll blind (Veil screen)

Materials for roll blinds employ PVC coated glass fibers.? It is easy to be maintained.
Up to 4m in width is available.

Insect screen (Rex net)

Insect screen is made by PVC coated glass yarn cloth with heat set application.
Other than glass fiber characteristics of high intensity, dimension stability, heat resistance, nonflammability, PVC coating gives additional properties such as corrosion resistance and wheatherability.
It has no slack, fray, or winding traces, and easy to apply.? As a high-grade item of synthetic fiber net, or as a substitute of wire net, Rex net occupies its unique position.

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