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Fluoroplastics are polymer materials with excellent properties of non-cohesion (non-stick), low frictionality (slippery), heat resistance, wheatherability, chemical resistance, and nonconductivity.

We deal with efluoroplastics products called Chukoh Flo developed by Chukoh Chemical Industries, Ltd. The company has worked for membrane structures such as BIG EGG in Tokyo. (TeflonR is a trademark of Du Pond.)

Major types and properties of fluoroplastics

Polytetrafluoroethylene (4 fluoride)


Melting point 327, coefficient of dynamic friction (0.69MPa 3m/min) 0.1, maximum temperature of continuous duty 260
This is the most general fluoroplastics with the best properties such as non-cohesion. PTFE resins are used for various products such as fabrics (glass fluoroplastic sheets), adhesive tapes, belts, and others.


Tetrafluoroethylene / perfluoro alkyl vinyl ether copolymer


Melting point 310, coefficient of dynamic friction (0.69MPa 3m/min) 0.2, maximum temperature of continuous duty 260.
It ranks with the properties of PTFE that enables melt process of complicated shapes.
It is an essential resin in semiconductor manufacturing industries, such as wafer baskets, tubes, joints, and others.

FEP Tetrafluoroethylene / hexafluoropropylene copolymer (4.6 fluoride)

Melting point 260, coefficient of dynamic friction (0.69MPa 3m/min) 0.3, maximum temperature of continuous duty 200
Although heat resistance is rather inferior, other properties are nearly the same as other resins.
Thermal melting process is possible.
It is used for wire-covering and insulation films, and others.

ETFE Tetrafluoroethylene / ethylene copolymer

Melting point 270, coefficient of dynamic friction (0.69MPa 3m/min) 0.4, maximum temperature of continuous duty 150
It has mechanical strength and radiation resistance with good workability.
It is mainly used for wire covering, mold release films.

Wide variety of product lineup tailored to customer needs
Conveyer belts

Taking advantage of characteristics of fluoroplastics such as heat resistance and non-cohesion, fluoroplastics are used for manufacturing line belts including food manufacturing, plastic film manufacturing, and productions of rubber and foam products. (We can provide optimum proposals by order production based on the customerfs devices or products. (General belts by urethane resin are also available as well as fluoroplastic belts.)

Heat seals
(adhesive tapes)

For the coating of heat-seal crimping parts (for separating material), there are adhesive tapes, adhesive sheets, or sealer belt that is processed as belt state. (Wide variety of density/width is available based on usage.)


This is a material of coating fluoroplastics on glass cloth and aramid cloth in our special method.
It is used as separating sheets for heat seal or press section.
There are many other examples of taking advantage of heat resistance and non-cohesion, such as applying on the steel plates for baking cookies or cakes.


Several fluoroplastics are molded in thin tube.
We can provide wide variety of lineups based on the usage such as chemical resistance, heat proof, or non-cohesion.
It is mainly employed in chemical plants, semiconductor-fabrication equipment, food manufacturing devices, and others.


We can apply fluoroplastic properties onto base materials by baking finishes.
By receiving base materials from customers, we can apply coating with an optimum selection of resins through the best processing method.
Thick lining processing is also available with excellent anti-corrosion. We can provide from small sized pipes to large sized tanks.

Membrane material

This is the first domestic product of permanent roof membrane material developed by Chukoh Chemical Industries, Ltd. It is heat resistant with excellent wheatherability. Also, due to light transmittance, it allows natural light through to indoors. (This is a recognized building material by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Japan.)


Fluoroplastics also have other properties such as ultra violet resistance and cold tolerance that they are utilized for belt devices for UV print or UV drying.
We make proposals among our wide variety of product lineups to meet customer needs.


Our company has a deep business partnership with Chukoh Chemical Industries, Ltd. as a distributor in conjunction of glass cloth by our parent company of Nittobo.
Together with Chukoh Chemical Industries, Ltd., we provide best solutions respond to customer needs.


As for technical questions about fluoroplastics or to request catalogues, please contact us by email from Contact page.



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