Your partner for creation
with product variety special to Nittobo Group.

The trading company able to plan,
develop new products, and provide for technical supports.

SOYO Co., Ltd.

Nittobo GroupNittobo Group

Your partner for 'creation'
Product variety special to Nittobo Group
The trading company able to plan,
develop new products and provide for technical supports

SOYO Co., Ltd. is the trading company that specializes in a wide range of industrial materials, especially in state of the art materials such as glass fiber.
In 2017, we celebrated the 70th anniversary of our establishment.
We deal in a wide range of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP & FRTP) molded products and their raw materials, including Nitto Boseki's glass fiber products, and are highly evaluated in the industry as a molded products expert.

Our capital is 100% owned by Nittobo.
We will take care of your various needs by taking advantage of the strengths of the parent company, product variety and agility special to a company of Nittobo Group.


  • Apr 1, 2024 Renewed our corporate website.
  • Mar 23, 2022 Reorganized the capital structure and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nitto Boseki Co.
  • Apr 1, 2021 Renewed our corporate website.
  • Kojimachi, TokyoKojimachiKojimachi
  • Yodoyabashi, OsakaYodoyabashiYodoyabashi
  • Fushimi, NagoyaFushimiFushimi

Corporate information


      • Yarn
      • Glass cloth
      • Insulation materials
      • Roving
      • Chopped Strand Mat
      • Surface Mat
      • Chopped Strands
      • Cut fiber
      • Woven Roving
      • Glass SOF:
        Specialy cotinuous non-woven fabric
      • Verre Screen
      • Light Shade